Puppy Price

WE TEST OUR BREEDING STOCK, and we SHOW OUR DOGS in AKC Conformation and AKC Agility. Therefore our puppies aren't the cheapest, and they are the BEST.

Male puppies are $2,000; females are $2,300.

The purchase price includes AKC registration (without breeding rights) and the AKC PPP (Puppy Protection Package).

The AKC Registration certificate will come directly to you in the mail.

Your puppy will also be microchipped with an AKC Re-Unite chip, and the microchip registration will be pre-paid and available to you for the lifetime of your pet. The microchip database is also transferable.

Good Dog Help Line* You will have access to a 1-800-Helpline with AKC. You can call an expert to help resolve unique problems with your puppy.

You will also receive a one-year subscription to AKC Family Dog magazine.

AKC will provide a 30-day trial insurance protection package.

AKC will provide a coupon to cover your first veterinary office visit.

Our pet puppies are not for breeding and are sold on a spay/neuter agreement that must be signed at the time of purchase. We use SQUARE as our payment system and accept credit and debit cards. I don't let puppies go to their new homes until they have their 2nd 5-way vaccination. They will be 8-10 weeks at the minimum.

AIR Transportation

COVID has change how the airlines ship puppies. American Airlines is accepting puppies. Shipping within the lower 48 states is $425 (subject to change) to major airports and includes the Airfare, a new Airline approved travel crate, and USDA Veterinarian Health Certificate. US Department of Agriculture does not allow puppies to be shipped by airplane when the temperature at the airport exceeds 85 degrees F. Therefore, it isn't easy to ship by air when the summer temperatures are up.

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